How to Create Instagram Content

How I Create Instagram Content

Creating Instagram Content as Flatlay

I create what feels like an abundance of Instagram content. If you follow me over there, you see my photos, my quotes, and perhaps my silly antics on Stories and Reels.

Social media gets a bad rap, but I try to focus on the positive aspects. Instagram is my social media of choice. What drew me to IG early on is the visual aspect. I have been posting visual content on Instagram for close to 10 years.  

This year, my Instagram content has made a bit of a transition.

Inspiring Instagram Content Creation

The focus of my content is to help other creators with their own social media. For example, I enjoy posting positive, inspirational content with a twist of humor and a nod to my generation. 

Also, I strive to help other women in my age group (midlife, GenX’ers) who need the confidence to post; as well as helping them discover the best ways to market on Instagram for engagement and attracting new like-minded followers. 

Creating Content is a Challenge

Scroll Stopping Instagram Content

Consistency is a key to Instagram and cracking that pesky algorithm. Posting a lot of relevant content is one factor that helps work in favor of the algorithm. It takes time and daily visuals to post. 

One key is to make sure what is being posted is valuable, interesting, and entertaining to those who see the post. Many content creators refer to “stopping the scroll”.  For instance, you want to make sure that what is presenting visually is enough for your followers to take notice and stop to read what is in the caption. 

Without getting too technical, the more time followers spend on your post, the more the algorithm will favor your content. There is a lot more to this, but this is generally the case.  

There are many ways to push out content on IG.

Tips for Taking photos

I love beautiful images and I am drawn to them on my own Instagram feed. I posted this photo last week on my feed because I love it and hoped others would see its beauty as well. This photo was taken on Halloween morning on my way to a hike and it was one of the most unexpected scenes I’ve come across in awhile. I chalk it up to the perfect circumstances and timing. 

It prompted me to share in the caption about how I always have plenty of visual content to post on social media. In the first line of the caption, I said I had a secret to never running out of beautiful images to share. The secret is, there is really not a secret! I simply take a lot of photos and videos. 

How to Create a Library of Visual Content to Share On Instagram

  • Never hesitate to stop on the side of a road when you see something beautiful like a sunset or the case of the beautiful fog rolling through the trees like the photo above. 
  • Take lots of pictures of family and friends. 
  • Don’t be shy about asking someone to take your photo with a group or to take your photo solo. 
  • Use that self timer, get a portable phone tripod, or that selfie stick you have in your glove compartment. People want to see your face to know you, like you, and trust you. 
  • Go ahead and take a photo of that pretty latte or perfectly plated food. Also, whatever cool details you see anywhere, whether it’s in Target or walking down the street.
  • Use quote graphics made in a text app. I use Canva. It is my favorite quick app for graphics, stock photos, and easy posts I also take a photo or screenshot of a quote you see somewhere. ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS credit the original creator and tag them. 
  • Reposting other content is another way to add value. There are several reposting apps. Again, always give credit and tag the original creator. 

How to create visual Content

Take the Picture and Capture the Memory

Sometimes I can be annoying with my photo and video taking, but I have so many great images that are memories for me and my family. I also have lots of my own photos that I can use for future content. 

I do mix it up with stock images from time to time. It’s rare on my Instagram, but I do use a healthy mix of stock images here in blogposts. Again, I use Canva and there are a plethora of searchable stock photos.

Not only have I captured these memories that can take me back to a moment in time, but I also have great visual content to use on my blog and on social media.

I want to encourage you to get into the habit of taking pictures of the simple everyday things. I find it a fun challenge to take photos each day of random, obscure things I see or experience each day. It is muscle memory for me to open up my iPhone camera and take the shot. 

How to Create your own stock images

How to Create Instagram Content

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