this is #happykim

This is #happykim

I have passion for creating and smiling and sunshine and rainbows.

I live in a cottage in the middle of my family’s farm in rural, north central Arkansas with my unicorn.

I work full time at a local community college.

I desire to build an online community of other women to help them boost their visual presence, show up on social media with confidence, and build a stronger personal brand for themselves.

I have also been a professional photographer but stopped taking clients a few years ago to pursue other interests.

I have a marketing undergrad degree and a masters in community and economic development.

Other things that make my happy are clean sheets, puppy breath, avocados, puffy clouds, springtime, fall sunsets, and sleeping late.

I dig Instagram, yoga, hiking, fun fashion, new art supplies, and can’t survive a day without my bullet journal.

I have the coolest grandkids in all the world. Fight me.

Here is a link to my old Blogger blog. It’s always fun to revisit the old days.


Please note that some of the links on my website are affiliate links. If you decide to use these links to purchase, I appreciate your support in advance! I will only link to the things I use, recommend, and love. I will receive a small commission on these purchases and that helps me continue to provide free content. Thank you for supporting me in this way as it costs you nothing! šŸ™‚ 

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