Goal Setting in the Final Quarter For a Successful Year End

We are in the home stretch of 2020 and I believe we can finish strong if we work together! 

reaching our 2020 goals

Who’s with me? 

Back at the first of October, I shared a little bit about how I set 90 day goals. 

Missed that post? No worries, here is a link: 


Goal setting for 2020

In that post, I provided some solid resources to help you set and complete your own quarterly goals. If you have not done that exercise, no worries friend!

I got you. 

Finish 2020 Strong with Goals

Let’s accelerate that plan into a six week goal exercise. 

I want to help you with some accountability. 

If you got to this post through my weekly 5Things Happy Mail, you are in luck! I will be using that platform to share some tips. 

Let's Crush our 2020 Goals

Do you need to go deeper? 

If you are needing more accountability in a smaller group setting, I am planning an exclusive, private Facebook Group to provide some group coaching specific to your needs. I will be limiting this to an intimate group of women. 

1/2021 ETA: This group is closed, but you can go to the latest sign up below. 

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