Three Gorgeous Chicks

Can three chicks be any more gorgeous than these three? I mean seriously?!?!?


My friend Typhanie is totally blessed in that department and Alli and Abri are blessed that she passed that trait along to them too! There is something so special about mothers+daughters.  I know my mom and I have a truly special bond and I can see that same relationship with Typh and her girls.

IMG_6808a  frankeboard frankeboard2 IMG_6678aearthhaze  alliabriIMG_6756aearthhaze  IMG_6828a

I love how Alli and Abri get along! Even with their age difference, they seem extremely close. They are just fun too! Once they got comfortable with me taking their pictures, I think they would have stayed all day striking fierce poses and acting totally silly! AND I’ll add….the camera LOVES them! Both girls are just naturals in front of the camera. It didn’t take much coaching with these two. (Another trait that they obviously got from their momma.)

IMG_6691a IMG_6847a IMG_6866a IMG_6641a IMG_6668a

I think Typhanie is passing along much more than outward beauty to Alli and Abri. She is also teaching them how to be beautiful on the inside with strong Christian values. That is worth much more than beautiful clothes and perfect hair. That kind of beauty can be seen even when we don’t have on our make-up. When we might be wearing our most tattered t-shirt and sweatpants. It comes from within and will take these gorgeous girls far in life!


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