This Family in a Word….Sweet

So I took a few days off from updating all my fall sessions on the blog, but in honor of classes beginning tomorrow and having a fresh set of downs (to use a football phrase for Stacy) I wanted to introduce you to one of the sweetest and kindest people I have the honor of working with at Ozarka. Brandy and her family allowed me to take their family photos in November. I also work with her husband, Stacy, but I can only attest to Brandy’s sweetness and kindness. Brandy always has a smile on her face and passion for teaching and truly cares about her students. She is “good people” as the old timers would say.


Now, even though I cannot attest to Stacy’s sweetness level, I will say that I feel like he must be a pretty good guy because Brandy just deserves a pretty good guy! 🙂 What I can tell you about Stacy is that he is a football coach and loves football as much as I do. He is also quite a character and was such a great sport during their photo session. He even had some ideas for backgrounds and poses. I always appreciate when people have ideas during their session. More often than not, they are great ideas and some turn into my favorites of the session.


I can tell you that Libby is the apple of her mom’s eye! She is a super sweet kiddo and has a precious smile.  She has just the right amount of shyness mixed with boldness and I venture to guess that she is smart like her momma too.

IMG_6607a  goreboard2 IMG_6507aearthhaze IMG_6612a IMG_6381abw IMG_6423a IMG_6450aearthhaze IMG_6580abw

After seeing Brandy set this photo as her profile pic on Facebook this week and stating it was one of her favorites of her images, I thought I would add a fun quote which I think probably sums up how this family feels about life. I hope each of them has a great spring semester and 2015!


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