So Long September

…and just like that, it’s October.

September 2014, it’s been nice knowing you. It seems like you just came into my life, then you abruptly left. Happy trails, Dude.

Since you came and left so quickly, I hope you don’t mind that we look back and see what you left in my life.

So apparently even though September flew right by, it was packed full. I love when I look back and have lots of pictures of those grandbabies. I began and ended September with them which makes me really happy! 🙂

There are several September highlights represented in this visual journey. A huge one is the decision to change my eating habits. I started Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge back on 9.18.14 and with that I have totally changed my diet. You can see the delicious fried fish and fried Oreo I enjoyed the weekend before I started the challenge; and the next weekend, I was eating chicken, fresh sauteed veggies and quinoa. Good stuff y’all! I feel better right now than I have felt in years. (This is not a commercial in anyway for I Advocare, but I AM now a distributor, so let me know if you want more info.)

My mom celebrated her 50th class reunion, our church friend, Carly celebrated her 2nd birthday, our Awana kids celebrated learning scriptures by painting leaders’ faces, and my family is still celebrating moving Brooke, Rob and River out of Little Rock to Cabot into a great neighborhood during the last week of September.

I was stoked to have lunch with my sweet friend, Karla, an unexpected day off of work to spend with Carlee, surprise flowers for volunteering my time, seeing our top students honored at the annual scholarship reception, Brooke getting to bottle feed Handsome, a good old hymn, and honeycrisp apples.

We are finally embracing the fact we have outside cats whether we choose to or not and I am praying we are blessed with another beautiful autumn as I’ve got lots of upcoming fall photo sessions!

Be good October.

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