So long December and 2014

Whew…..where did you go 2014? SERIOUSLY, where? I cannot understand how on earth the calendar can continue to fly by like it does. December was a whirlwind as it always is with the holidays.  I will admit this year was more low key than years past and I really didn’t get into the whole big Christmas jovial spirit this year. I celebrated 45 years of life and I did get three weeks off from work with was really nice and really needed, but it too just breezed right by at the speed of light!

I again bring you what my life looked like in December from my iphone…

As usual, after I look at all my month’s worth of shots, I am pleasantly surprised at how many smiles and fun memories there are to share.

I’m not even going to attempt to recap the highlights this month. Instead I will leave you with a fun little video of the little redhead being her normal hilarious self. After a little shopping trip before Christmas, we were heading home and she just started singing this. More proof that silly jingles and annoying advertising works!!

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