Simple Goals

Ah, those goals we make each year. Why do we do it to ourselves? The average person sets these crazy, lofty goals and resolutions that is never met and long forgotten by February. I mean, there is Valentine chocolates to consider…who can think about that diet?


I am a lover of small victories aka #smallvictories in life. For example, a clean shower. And I’m not talking about a sort of clean, it’ll do, kind of clean, I mean a sparkling clean shower! Now that is the sort of achievement I need in my life. There is nothing better than getting into a sparkling clean shower to make one feel clean! Well, that is exactly what my goal was on New Year’s Day, to get my shower sparkling clean. Let’s face it, cleaning the shower is not a glamorous job for anyone, but it is a necessary evil and much easier than losing 50 pounds or going to the gym every day.

IMG_0275So I want to encourage you to make yourself a goal that you can achieve today! It will make you happy and give you a sense of accomplishment and take you further toward those larger goals and resolutions you may have for yourself. I recommend making your shower shine! Maybe I am just too simple, but it seriously made my entire day to mark that little task off my list on the very first day of the year! I feel like I can take on the world with a clean shower.



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