Oh Hello and Goodbye January 2015

Here we are 1/12th of the way through 2015 and I’m still having a hard time not writing 2014 for the year! Thanks for being there for me January. You were pretty much here and gone, which honestly is okay with me. It means one day closer to springtime and springtime is my favorite time. I can already see the days getting a wee bit longer. It’s the small things people!

So here we go with a peek into my (insert sarcastic voice) ever exciting life with a look at January’s iPhone pics.


Lots of fun little memories packed into last month. I am reminded as I quickly glance through these photos that I have amazing friends and family, great taste in food, a desire to be healthier, and a large sense of humor!  I’m also reminded that I should be humble always and thank God for all the above.

As always, I enjoy going back through my month-in-review and reliving some of the little moments in my life.  February is well underway and has already proven to be full of surprises.

1 thought on “Oh Hello and Goodbye January 2015

  1. You really should write a book. Made me teary eyed and smiling as I read. You have a wonderful attitude about life and where all comes from. Proud to call myself your Aunt!!!

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