October was here and gone

Seriously these months are flying by waaaaaaaay too fast! I cannot believe October is here and gone in a flash. October left me with some fun memories and some beautiful photos on my phone. We have been blessed with some awesome sunrises, sunsets and fall foliage over the last month.

God is so good to remind me that He is truly the master artist.

He also has a funny sense of humor and these knuckleheads are a prime example! LOL  We are having so much fun with our theme nights at Awana and Crazy Hair Night didn’t disappoint. 😀

I’ve had a lot going on…on the work front, I was in Hot Springs for our annual AATYC now ACC conference; we had a fun events; political debate; regular old meetings; and receptions. It’s been a variety, which is good in my book!

October has been about football, pretty skies, good smells, old friends, awesome music, and apparently way too close to Christmas in the retail world.

Mom had another great report from her melanoma three month follow-up (almost two years out…YAY), I roasted chestnuts for the first and probably last time (I was not impressed), and I enjoyed all the Halloween festivities per usual!

November is here and already moving quickly. It’s the month of thankfulness and I have lots to be thankful for in my life.

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