There is something so sweet about a mother and son.  I know my own stepdaughter and grandson have such a special bond, so when I got to photograph Bioanca and Eli without Daddy (he was called to work last minute), the mood of family photos suddenly became focused on that special mother+son bond.IMG_2212amorninghaze

I have photographed this family before and they are a photographer’s dream! They are not only beautiful, but they are always styled well and bring extras to use to make things a little more special for them.

IMG_2173a IMG_2172a

Bioanca recently found out she is pregnant again so we definitely wanted to capture Eli with the “big brother” announcement.

IMG_2011a IMG_1959amorninghaze

Obviously, we wanted him to be happy about the news but I could not resist snapping one of him looking like he might not be as happy as everyone thinks he should be about the fact that he will have to share the attention of being an only child!  I think this one is just priceless and definitely one his little brother or sister will get a kick out of for years to come. 🙂


This kiddo is all country boy! We had our photo session on my family’s farm and they were cutting hay in the river bottom during our shoot. He kept talking about the “tractors” and to keep him appeased, he played with his horses and cows. I think city living is out of the question for Eli!

elitoys elihay

This shot is probably one of my favorite images I’ve taken in a while.


Every time a photo is taken, it freezes a moment in time. This is one of those moments in time that I think Bioanca and Eli (when he is older) will appreciate forever.

It is an image of pure love.

An image of unconditional love a mother has for her child that is honestly reciprocated right back from the heart of a child.  These types of images are a  huge reason I am passionate about taking interactive and un-posed family photos. IMG_2204a

Mothers need to be in the photos with her children.  Her kids need to be able to look back and see how much they were loved and how special that love is.

IMG_2000a IMG_2325amorninghaze

I know Bioanca was disappointed that Joseph could not get out of his work obligation for their family session, but I hope she is happy that we were able to get such awesome photos of this moment in time with she and Eli.

A moment without Daddy.

A moment before new baby comes to the world.

A moment of a mother+son memory.


<3 <3 <3  



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