Let’s Do a Mid-Year Goal Check-in

reflect reassess and reset goals at midyearMid-Year Goal Review: 6 Month Check-in

Just like that…the year is halfway over.

How are those first 180 days going so far?

How about your goals?

Remember making those resolutions back in January?  

Before jumping into the third quarter goal setting to think about what you might achieve over the next three months, it is time to look at how the first two quarters have gone.

Regardless of how you prefer to go about goal setting, mid-year is a great time to reflect, reassess, and reset your life.

In fact, it might be more productive than the typical January 1st, because there is not as much pressure to get your goals right. 

So, pull out your planner, calendar, or journal where you wrote down those New Year’s Resolutions or quarterly goals for the first and second quarter. Let’s take time to look at them and sincerely reflect on your progress. 

midyear planning goals

1. Reflect on your Goals

It might be somewhat scary or intimidating to look back at those lofty goals you have set for yourself, but this is the first step in your mid-year review process. If you are disappointed by reading the list and realizing all the things you did not accomplish, let that go and move on to the next phase in this mid-year goal check. 

2. Reassess your Goals

This is the time to reassess all the goals you’ve set over the last 6 months. Maybe circumstances have changed and you no longer need to attempt a particular goal. Or maybe the goal needs to change.

This is a great time to take stock of your 10 main life areas. Not only will it help you reassess your past goals, it will give you a head start on any new goals moving forward. 

The 10 life areas include:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Well Being
  • Environment
  • Hobbies/Restorative
  • Romance/Love
  • Friends/Family
  • Finances
  • Purpose/Career
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Growth

More detailed instructions on how to assess and rank your life areas and discover your key priority areas; as well as actually setting goals around your key priority.

Download your free Goal Getter Guide:

Perhaps after you have assessed your goals so far for the year, you have completely crushed all your goals and wondered how you had so much extra time to spare in the process. Well, please let me take the opportunity to give you a virtual high five!


This may mean one of two things: 

  1. Your goals were not challenging enough
  2. You need to take time to celebrate your success and hard work. 

If your goals were not challenging enough, it might be time to refocus and set your goals at a more challenging level. Don’t overdo it. Remember to set the goal and break it down into manageable baby steps to take each day and each week. 

Read more on Baby Steps to Achieving Big Goals.

3. Reset your Goals

The last phase of this mid-year goal review is to reset. This might be the toughest step in the process. Wherever you are in your goals, you have to reset them: celebrate successes, let go of what you did not accomplish, and/or begin the process of resetting to take on the next quarter, the next 6 weeks, or whatever time frame you choose to set goals. 

planning for 6 monthsPlanning at Any Time 

Any time is a good time to go through this process, but a mid-year goal check is a great time to evaluate life. This process may seem overwhelming, but set aside plenty of time to go through each step; from looking over each goal you have set for yourself this year, to thinking about how to move forward with each goal.

Whether you need to ditch one or more of them and move on with new goals, or maybe they just need to be slightly tweaked to make them attainable. 

This quote by  Mark Twain is a good reflection of a mid year goal check in:

“To live a fulfilled life, we need to keep creating the ‘what is next’ of our lives. Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here.” 

midyear goal review pinMid-Year Goal Check: 6-Month Review

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