Independence Day Part II

So after our fun July 4th taking in the rodeo and fireworks, we still had another full day of fun planned with the family. Stepson, Cody and Amy have just acquired a great river lot and we decided we would spend the day in the water and sun. I mean what else are you supposed to do on a July 4th weekend, right?


After a little shopping and loading, we all headed that way and before we knew it, we were relaxing, watching the kids play in the dirt, taking boat rides, and swimming in the Southfork.


Our great friends Kelly and Jacki and kiddos joined us for the day so it was even more fun for Carlee and River to have more friends to play with!


Amy and Jacki have been BFFs their entire lives….I believe Carlee and Finley will be following in their footsteps. Β πŸ™‚


This one is just too sweet!


I think River and Conner will be great friends too….they are both are ALL BOY!


The kids had so much fun and we all enjoyed another great day together!


Hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled, garden fresh tomatoes, homemade refrigerator pickles and potato salad were out, and we ate to our hearts’ content.


Didn’t take long to cut open that awesome Cave City melon. (Of course I had to try the latest Pinterest method, which worked great by the way!)


AND last but certainly not least, it cooled off a bit, a campfire was built, and sticks were gathered for s’mores! Have you seen these new marshmallows made for s’mores? They are super cool.Β 


This photo of Cline is one of my very favorites of the day. Could there be anything more peaceful than a campfire on a river bank????


Honestly, I needed a day like this and I really look forward to many more days like this. We shared lots of laughter and smiles and I feel extremely blessed after getting to spend a holiday weekend surrounded by family and friends!


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