How to Turn Around a Bad Mood

How to Turn Around a Bad Mood

I am a complete optimist. There is a reason I called this blog The Happy Kim. That is who I am. I am naturally happy and upbeat. I also see the positive in every situation. To a fault in fact. I know I drive some people crazy with my positivity. 

However, there are rare occasions that even I am just not in a good mood. I know, I know, it’s nuts! 

So if I am being one hundred with you, this year (2020) has brought several of those days. The current pandemic is definitely part of it, along with the change in my hormones: DOUBLE WHAMMY!

How to Change Your Mood To Happy 

So I have developed some life hacks that help me find the good when my days are not so good. Hopefully it will help you too. 

  • Write one thing I’m thankful for in my bullet journal (or planner or calendar, or sticky note). 
  • Scroll through my ‘favorites’ folder on my phone photo roll until I see something that brings back a happy memory and a smile. 
  • Move! A walk, yoga, or just a nice long stretch of my body. It IS science and it works y’all! 
  • Create – some kind of creativity and art will typically bring calm and will definitely turn around my attitude and mood. 
  • Prayer / Meditation – Prayer is an absolute. There is no substitution for a relationship with God and it is important to stay positive for me. I am also a firm believer in meditation and mindfulness. There are a plethora of apps for meditation if you want to give it a try. Some of my favorites: Calm, Ten Percent Happier, Simple Habit, Headspace, and Shine. 

There are so many ways to find the good. We have to find what works for us. I do one or more – sometimes all of these each and every day. It works! 

Try it and let me know if it works for you too. 

How to Turn Around a Bad Mood.

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