Goals can Change

I am a serial goal maker. About 5 years ago, after going through a major life change, I really started becoming more laser focused on my personal goals. The biggest ones revolved around my health and fitness, money, and environment. 

After leaving an unhealthy relationship, I decided it was time to begin working on these areas. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted goal-wise for the long term, but I knew in the following few months, I needed to work in ways to make changes for the positive. 

  • I wanted to lose some weight and feel better in general
  • I wanted to begin eating less processed foods
  • I wanted to pay off some old debt and begin a rainy day fund of $1000
  • I wanted to live in a place that felt peaceful, clean, and happy.

I started by really examining the areas that needed the most work. It seemed my health and fitness was going to be the real focus so I started setting some goals in those areas. I began with the end in mind. In other words, specifically what I wanted at the end of three months. For me it was less overwhelming to think in terms of smaller chunks of time, rather than a year down the road. 

I set about ten goals around the areas I needed to focus, mostly around the health and fitness area. I then decided if I would hone in on one of the goals that would have the biggest impact on the other goals I had set, it would get me there even quicker.  

I began reverse engineering those goals and started keeping them in my bullet journal and every single day, I would make sure I was working on something to get me to that one impact goal. That didn’t mean I ignored the other ten goals, but I really focused on that one and the reasons that area in my life was needing attention. 


The best part is at the end of each three month time frame, I start the process again and adjust as needed. I will admit I don’t meet all ten goals, but I typically mark a few off the list and make a dent in the others. In fact, sometimes goals become irrelevant and I just let them go and move on. 

The key is to do the work on why those areas of life need to be prioritized. I have 5 questions I go through and from there, I make a priority statement to guide me before I ever make the goals. It is becomes my key priority and is truly my why for those particular goals.

This is now something I do each quarter. My key priority life areas have changed over the years but I can say that I have reached some major goals over these 5 years and developed healthier habits in the process.

I have developed a guide called Goal Getter by the Quarter. It will help if you are struggling in some areas. If you would like to have a copy, drop your name and email address below.  

I will be happy to give you some one-on-one coaching as well. Drop me an email at kim@thehappymail.com

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