Feel Good Blogging Challenge – Day 5/7

Day 5: A Helpful Post

Today I want to expound on a great website and app that I mentioned in an earlier post: She Reads Truth.

If you are looking for a good devotional/bible study place, this is it! I decided if I’m supposed to post something helpful, there is nothing more helpful than the Word of God. If you need therapy, go to the Bible. If you need stress relief, go to the Bible. If you are having financial, job, marital, or other life troubles, go to the Bible. If you need a life preserver, go to the Bible.

I have found that when my life makes sense and when I have the best clarity, is when I’m really into the Word. I highly recommend it!

I’m a very visual person and She Reads Truth satisfies that part of me too. The app is well done and gives me a “go to” when I’m not at a computer.

I have been reading the “Open Your Bible” series and when I got to today’s bible reading from Psalm 19, I thought it needed to be on a recent photo I took of a sunset.

These types of images make me awestruck and thankful.  How can someone see something so beautiful and deny Him?


God is an amazing artist!

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