Feel Good Blogging Challenge – Day 1/7

I have decided to participate in Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge. Why, you ask?  Mostly for me to push myself in my writing/blogging. Sometimes I get in a rut. When I get in a rut, I ignore my blog. My blog gets sad.  I hate when my blog gets sad. So, in a nutshell, I’m doing this.

Day one is a simple introduction.


I am Kim Whitten. I am from Arkansas and a Razorback fan (whether they win or lose). I have been working in higher education for 12 years and I am currently a campus director for a rural community college. I am a part-time photographer. I am passionate. I probably overuse hashtags.

I am a God-fearing Grammy with 2 grandchildren and one on the way. Grands are truly the best  –  it’s really not a myth! I love my family and friends and will go down swinging for them. I believe relationships are one of the most important aspects of a life. Including relationships with others, myself or God.

I dig springtime, fall sunsets, puppy breath, avocados, honeycrisp apples and Oreos (although I’m currently on the wagon with the latter).

I have been blogging (off and on) since 2007. I started blogging as a way to keep a record or online journal of my life. My old blog went through several phases and became a place to display my scrapbooking and other crafts, then morphed to photography, but has always kept a thread of my personal life and beliefs throughout. It has connected me to some great people over the years – some that I still have contact with online. I think my old blog really went dormant when Facebook and other social media started becoming an easier place to keep up with my photos and life. One of my most popular posts is a little tutorial I did a few years back about making strawberry ice cubes and was picked up by several websites and was featured in the Dutch version of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cool, right? 🙂

I started this new blog to focus on my photography.  I mainly blog for me but it is a great place for my family, friends, clients, and potential clients to see my style, what inspires me, and get a sense for what I am about on a more personal level.

Lately, I have been working on myself. I have been trying really hard to be healthier. I recently completed the Advocare 24 day challenge and lost 8 pounds and 8 1/2 inches. I feel so much better and hope to continue this journey with a better fitness routine. As 45 gets closer and closer, I just feel like I need to keep a better check on my health. I’ve slowly let the weight creep on —hence the reason for being on the Oreo wagon!

I also want to improve my spiritual health. I long for a closer relationship with God and strengthening my faith. This area of my life can always use improvement and I really need to slow down and keep myself in check with my prayer life and my my bible study. I enjoy reading several devotionals including Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore and Lysa TerKeurst and really enjoy the She Reads Truth studies.

I hope my blog can be a place that will leave whoever visits with a smile. I strive to keep it real and always want it to be positive. Yes, I realize life is not always positive, and I certainly don’t want to pretend it is. However, if this can be a place that my family and friends can visit and feel happier and inspired for doing so, then I feel like I have met my purpose. 🙂

…AND I’ll leave you with a fall sunset. IMG_3777a

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