Family Fun Found Here

You cannot meet a more fun little family than Matt, Amber, Annie and Emma! I promise you that there is never a dull moment with this group of Rushes.


We had a blast during their session because let’s face it anytime you can just have fun and laugh during a family photo session is a good day.  This crew definitely knows how to have fun and laugh, whether it’s Emma’s crazy faces or Matt’s high jump!


These little chicks hold a special place in my heart. They are grands to one of the very best friends and mentors a girl could have and I know just how much love she feels for them and her other grandchildren. We are not only BFFs, but we also share that special kind of love of our grandchildren.

annieemmaIMG_4550aearthhaze  IMG_4725a ambermattboardIMG_4462aearthhaze     IMG_4585abwfade IMG_4691a

And not only is this family super fun, but they are super gorgeous too! Matt, Amber and the girls are the total package and I was excited and honored to photograph them this fall.

I think Annie & Emma are just precious and their personalities are bursting at the seam! Annie is so sweet, thoughtful and stunning; and Emma is a complete hoot and total diva! I always look forward to a new Emma story from Amber. 🙂  They may be different, but they are clearly sisters who will be close throughout their lives.


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