Cool shoes + Cool guy = Cool session

As the year winds down, I really want to get some of my fall sessions blogged, so I thought I would start with this cool guy, Lane Hall.

There is something so cool about a pair of Chucks. Not everyone can pull them off though. Me, for instance. I wish I could. I have never actually tried, but I just don’t think I’m the cool Converse chick.


This guy, however, has the Converse cool factor….and in orange no less!


I must say there is much more to Lane that his great taste in shoes. I’ve known Lane since he was a little kid. What I remember about Lane is that he loved dinosaurs when he was little. I also remember when he first decided he would play the bassoon in band. Honestly, I had heard of the bassoon, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was!  Obviously, Lane’s passion for playing this unique instrument has continued.

This was a first for me….no, I’ve never photographed a bassoon before!IMG_5716aearthhazeIMG_5318aearthhaze   IMG_5479aearthhaze  IMG_5644abwlane2IMG_5686a IMG_5710abw

I have a feeling Lane’s future is bright. He is smart, talented and obviously stylish! He plans to go to college next fall and no doubt he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do with his life. Watch for Lane as he will be playing his bassoon in the Arkansas State University band. Howl Yes!



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