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art journal page ephemera Ideas for a Composition Notebook Junk Journal With Me Page 

As an art or junk journaler, I like to see ideas that others utilize in their journals to incorporate in my practice of creating pages in my own junk journals. I enjoy watching other artists process through their junk journal pages on YouTube through “Journal With Me” videos. 

Since starting my own YouTube channel over the past year, I have now posted my own “Journal With Me” process video and I am here to share the video as well as a summary of my process for those looking for ideas to begin their own creative journal. 

Junk Journaling to Practice Creativity

Remember, being creative doesn’t require an art degree or even feeling artistic. It takes the desire to create and a few art supplies. I was listening to a podcast recently (Unfold Kellee Wynne) and she said something that has stuck with me and I want to share it with you. What makes you an artist is that you make art. I needed to hear that and perhaps you do too. 

Looking for ideas to be creative? Here is a post on the subject: Ways To Be Creative When You’re Not Artistic

For those who want the visual, here are a YouTube video flip throughs of four of my Composition Notebook Journals: 

10 Ideas to Incorporate into Your Own Creative Journal From the Video

Here are a few concepts and ideas from this Composition Notebook Junk Journal two page spread to get started. 

  1. Use a permanent glue stick to glue two or three pages together for thicker pages in your Composition notebook.
  2. Use an old gift card or plastic credit type card to spread 2-3 colors of acrylic paint around for a nice abstract background.
  3. Gesso and Gold paints are your friends!
  4. Use stencils for texture.
  5. Mix adjacent paint colors for cohesion. The example in the video is the light green and yellow that mix together for variance. 
  6. Finger paint. (I barely used a brush in this process)
  7. Stabilo All water soluble pencil
  8. Cut out fodder from magazines, your own artwork, or use other random ephemera such as clothing hang tags or junk mail. Group together on a page.
  9. Grab your tissue papers from the recycled gift wrapping or packages and collage using medium.
  10. Cut words or sentences from old discarded book pages for quotes and phrases on pages. 

Be sure to watch the video to see all of these concepts in action. There is also a surprise appearance of me if you watch until the end of the video!

Remember that the best ideas come from playing in your journal. This is a very important part of a composition notebook junk journal. You will find new methods of creating each time you pull out your journal and art supplies and play 

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Composition Notebook Junk Journal Ideas Video

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  1. One of the most effective ways I learned to use composition book paper for journaling is to spread a thin layer of acrylic paint on them either with a credit card as you mentioned or with a sponge. I prefer the sponge and use small pieces of a sponge. Once you have painted both sides of the page, it becomes really sturdy.

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