Art Day for the Soul

Find part two of this article here with step-by-step guide to hosting your own Art Day.

A few years ago, my girlfriends and I decided we needed to have some group creativity in our lives. Painting parties seem to be all the rage.

This is where people get together and are guided through a painting while visiting with friends, perhaps drinking wine, and ending with a group of new artists who have had a ton of fun together with a product to take home and hang on the wall.

However, we really just wanted a more laid back casual atmosphere to eat, talk about whatever we wanted – even if it was controversial to some, and be at our most comfortable. Not that we aren’t social girls….well, some of us maybe, but we just wanted a more intimate atmosphere. We also didn’t want to be bound by a timeframe.

Our very first Art Day complete with mermaids – still one of my favorite paintings!

So, Art Day was born from those ideas and they were exactly what the doctor ordered at that time! We don’t really have any rules for Art Day, other than we always plan the next month’s day during the current one. This keeps us from allowing life to get in the way and it becomes a priority for us. It is so easy to let the weeks pass by without taking time for ourselves or with our friends.

This was our second Art Day (I think). I gifted this one to my mom and it hangs in the entry to her bathroom. I smile each time I walk past it.

Unfortunately life does get in the way at times and although we had planned a goal to get together once per month, it just didn’t happen every month. However, during the months we did wield our paintbrushes and our tongues, there was so much creativity exchanged; and I don’t just mean with our art supplies.

We have shared so many laughs, so much deep discussions about life, politics, love, loss, and we have shared a bond of true friendships…the kind girlfriends are suppose to have. We sing, share our love of music, dance, and let’s not forget the food…we definitely eat!

This was our first attempt at a still life.

I have found it so important to make the time for our Art Days and in fact, I crave those days now, especially in 2020.

In January we painted our own versions of hearts and love!

Part two can be found here, including a step-by-step guide to organizing your own art day


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