A Mother’s Love


This woman is one of my dearest friends! She is smart, beautiful, generous, driven, and one of the best mothers I know.  I cannot think about Holly without thinking about the love she has for her kids.  I was honored that she asked me to take their pictures this fall. Mainly, she wanted updated photos of her kids, but I talked her into taking a few with them. (I’m good like that!) 😀

hollykidsboard  IMG_5788abw IMG_5820a

This is Madi. She is gorgeous and fierce just like her momma. I love her sweet Christian spirit. She is also quite a fashionista and has the best style! I think she will make some young man’s heart skip a beat very soon and I’m not so sure Holly shouldn’t just go ahead and lock her in the closet now!! 😉


Kaden cracks me up! He is such a goofball and has such a great laugh. He is mischievous like all boys his age. I love that he enjoys serving others.  I think he loves his momma as much as she loves him. He will be breaking the hearts of girls very soon!

IMG_5768a  IMG_5858ab

We also did some photos of the kids doing what they do….Cave City softball and football.

IMG_5986ab IMG_5949a     IMG_5922aIMG_5894aIMG_5989ab

Holly + Madi + Kaden = ROCKSTARS! I love these people and pray 2015 brings them peace & joy.


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