Winter Survival: Getting Cozy with Hygge

Winter Survival: Getting Cozy with Hygge

If you read this post, 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues, you know I’m not a cold weather lover. When February hits, it feels like Spring is just in reach, but then it seems to drag on and on; especially when that pesky groundhog doesn’t cooperate!

Another survival tip is to simply embrace being inside with the practice of hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”).  Hygge is a Danish word that translates to ‘well being’. To achieve hygge means living in a warm atmosphere of coziness and contentment and enjoying the good things in life with good people. 

Hygge makes wintertime and bleak cold weather much more tolerable! Think: warm blankets, candles, a good cup of hot tea, and a book. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

There is a popular book to teach the achievement of  hygge if you are interested in achieving hygge for yourself from an expert: The Little Book of Hygge 

Embracing the lack of daylight can be more tolerable with lots of candles, twinkly lights, plants, and the feeling of general coziness. Anyone can set up their space to find a happy hygge feeling. 

Southern Hygge

As a person from the South, the ultimate hygge for me is a snow day with a pot of chili or soup, plenty of coffee, a fire in the fireplace, and no place to go for the day. 

Bundling up for a trip outside to capture the clean blanket of snow covering the earth with a camera, or building a snowman, or having a snowball fight are traditional memories. You know you’re from the south if you’ve ever been sledding behind a vehicle or ATV! 

The best part of a snow day in my opinion is the sound of a snow day. The muffled quiet that can only be heard when there is snow on the ground is so peaceful and beautiful.

However, the ultimate is returning inside to warm up under a favorite quilt with a cup of coffee or cocoa. Then knowing that chili will be ready to eat! 

Getting Cozy with Hygge and Gezellig: The Dutch Win Winter!

Another Dutch word that can help us survive winter is gezellig (pronounced “heh-sell-ick”). Sadly, there is not a real translation for a word into the English language, but gezellig is described as a feeling for something or someone cozy, nice, homey, friendly, snuggly, fun, comfortable or enjoyable. 

With gezellig there is an even deeper connection the place or person than hygge. Think of it as hygge on steroids! 

Gezellig is having someone or someplace special to experience the warm, cozy created feeling with; whether it’s your family, partner, or best friends. Gezellig is about the feeling created through the coziness. 

The Dutch truly have winter survival figured out and as a person who frequently uses the phrase: “I hate winter,” I vow to practice more hygge and gezellig in my life through the rest of this winter and winters to come.  

Another Dutch Feeling to Embrace: Friluftsliv

My favorite winter survival technique is looking forward to spring and the warmth of the sunshine and new life in nature. Personally, I am ready to practice another Dutch feeling; that of friluftsliv (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”).

Friluftsliv  is defined as free air life or open air living. It is a connection  with nature and taking time to slow down and appreciate the great outdoors. I realize this can be done in winter, but I prefer to wait until the temperature is in the 60s!

Yes, I am ready for warmer days, sunshine, and blue skies to get my friluftsliv on, but in the meantime I am taking some time to light a nice candle, snuggle up and cozy in with some hygge and gezellig. 

winter survival cozy slippers

Shopping Winter Sales to Find Coziness  

I have ordered a couple of new cozy winter weather items to get me through the rest of winter in true hygge fashion. This time of year is the best time to buy winter gear because markdowns are happening. 

I found some awesome deals on Jane, of which I am proud to be an affiliate partner! (I am apologizing now for introducing and enabling you, if you are not already a Jane lover!).

Jane is currently having a big winter sale and offering free shipping. 

A few of my favorites include CC beanies and gloves. I love my beanie with the extra warm fur lining and pom pom! 

There is nothing better than cozy slippers or socks when you need some hygge in your life. I am loving these memory foam slippers and these cute thinsulate lined socks

When my hands and feet are warm, it definitely helps me feel better about the cold weather.

Check these out:

Microwaveable cozy slippers for winter survival

These microwavable cozy slippers are on their way to my mailbox! I cannot vouch for them until they arrive, but I believe they will not only contribute to the hygge of my feet, they will be soothing for my plantar fasciitis. 

What are your favorite finds on Jane

Winter Survival Get Cozy with Hygge

Get cozy and enjoy some hygge for a little while longer to Survive Winter

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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