Welcome to My Virtual Happy Place!

The struggle of being multipassionate is real! I have been all over the place, from art to social media coaching to photography to community building to on-and-on… Likely, on of those things brought you here and I hope you find something useful or fun from my latest blog posts.

Completing a 100 Day Mixed Media Collage Project

Creativity knows no bounds, and as an artist, I constantly seek new ways to express myself. Recently, I embarked on an exciting adventure—an ambitious 100 consecutive day mixed media project. This project is something I have admired others doing via social media for many years and wasn’t sure I could be successful, but I took…

Choosing a Word of the Year

A guiding word for the year is a simplified and concise way for goal setting in lieu of complicated resolutions that get broken and forgotten after a couple of weeks into January.


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Hello new friend!

I am so glad you found me. I want to help you uncover your creativity and discover your hidden artist through art journaling and be your most productive self through bullet journaling and goal setting; and discover new adventures everyday in your own life.

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