Using a Brain Dump Trigger List

How to Use a Trigger List for a Brain DumpUsing a Brain Dump Trigger List

Using a Brain Dump Trigger List will assist in the process of doing a brain dump.

The idea of a simple brain dump is one of the most beneficial processes toward freeing brain space and organizing our lives. 

However, it might be overwhelming to begin the process of the brain dump and having a list of triggers can help overcome the mental block that might occur when you sit down to go through the process of a brain dump as I explained in this post: Simple Ways To Do a Brain Dump.

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Free Trigger List For You

I have compiled a free Trigger List for you broken down into categories that will help you categorize your brain dump so you can keep it organized in different areas of your life. 

Once you have gone through your brain dump by writing down all those thoughts and ideas straight from your brain, you can go through this comprehensive Trigger List to capture all those things that you may not have thought of, or perhaps have fallen through the cracks. 

If you have never completed a brain dump, you will find going through one will provide you more clarity and calm in your life. Having this Trigger List will provide more inspiration to complete this process and make your life more organized and productive.

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How to Use a Trigger List in your Brain Dump

2 thoughts on “Using a Brain Dump Trigger List

  1. I love lists and brain dumping ha always worked well for me.

  2. Barbie Holmes May 10, 2021 — 3:07 pm

    Hi Kim! I find this fascinating. I have not done a brain dump before. I enjoyed reading about what it is and how to do it! I signed up for the free Trigger download. Thank you!!

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