Unique Gift Ideas for $30 or Less

Unique Gift Ideas for $30 or Less

Gift giving is personal but sometimes we need unique ideas for those on our list. This gift guide has something for everyone at price points ranging from as little as $10 or less up to $30 and there is certainly ideas for everyone on the list from kids to teens to adults (you might even find a little something for yourself!)

Check out the entire list of over 70 items here: 


Please note this list changes frequently and prices can change as Amazon runs deals. 

Starting with what is for me the most difficult: the men on our list. 

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

With two different price points, these hand warmers will make a great gift for any man (or woman for that matter) on the list. These are unique items that will be handy (pun intended) for the colder months. 

This one is rechargeable and lasts for 15 hours. 

This one is currently at a price point of less than $15. 

Portable Phone and Device Charger This one has over 83K reviews and will simultaneously charge three devices. 

How about a nice new leather wallet? This one, by Fossil is a great deal. 

Get him his favorite NFL team on a 30oz Stainless Steel Cup


Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Perhaps considered easier to shop for than men, some women are a little more difficult, but here are some unique ideas for gifts at the $30 or less price point. 

Most women love beauty products but taking them on a trip can be challenging. This travel bag is a perfect solution and chances are any woman young or old, needs to replace her travel bag – or at least needs a backup!

A sleep mask and soothing music. What more does a woman want than to be well rested and relaxed? This unique gift will be a favorite for any woman (or man). 

If you know, you know! Woman to woman, or as a stocking stuffer, this Shower Cat is perfect for everyone who has hair and showers. 


She needs the gift of rechargeable warmth too. Get her this unique Orastone

Give her a CrockPot Electric Lunchbox for hot meals on the go 


Unique Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens

This age group can be very difficult to buys gifts for, especially if you want to actually buy them a gift in lieu of cash or gift cards (which are always a hit, don’t forget!)

This unique wall collage kit is a fun gift for a variety of ages. It would even be great for dorm rooms. 


A stylish crossbody is perfect for those tween and teen girls and the price point of less than $15 is great if you need multiples. 

This bright magnetic tile building set is very cool and a fun way for more than one to get in on the fun. 

Kids of all ages need a sleeping bag and this one comes in a variety of colors and sizes for all the teens and tweens on the list. 

Help them hone their shower singing skills with this waterproof bluetooth speaker


Here are a few more unique gift ideas for anyone on your list for $30 or less. 

Airpod foam tips. Wearing Airpods for awhile can start hurting the ears, but these will help! A great stocking stuffer or perhaps a unique Dirty Santa gift. 

This unique gift idea will keep everyone on your list nice a cozy: a gianct blanket hoodie

This LED Neck Reading Light is perfectly unique for any reader on the list is is currently $20. 

This would be a fun gift for anyone who is looking to add more greens and practice a healthier lifestyle. Help get them started with this Microgreen Growing Kit

For the person who has everything, get them a new clock. 

Unique Gift Ideas for $30 or Less from Amazon

Certainly any gift giving time can be difficult to navigate to find unique gifts for everyone on the list; especially at a lower price point. 

This Gift Idea list from my Amazon Shop will provide some ideas moving forward into the holidays or other times when gifts are needed. 

Be sure to visit my Amazon Shop and Click on the Follow button. To find it again, navigate to your Amazon Public Profile and it will under your “follows”. You might find some alternative gift ideas in my other lists. 


This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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