Treat Yourself to a Post Mother’s Day Gift

treat yourself to somethingTreat Yourself to an After Mother’s Day Gift

We all have a personal wishlist and there is no better time to treat ourselves than after Mother’s Day. 

By now, those Mother’s Day flowers are wilting, or at least they need fresh water. Gifts for Mother’s Day are always some of my favorite ones to receive from my grandkids. I love handmade, sentimental gifts and enjoy when they come from the heart. 

But here’s the thing, Moms don’t always do the best job relaying gift ideas. I know I have given my fair share of the response: “don’t buy me anything,”  or “I don’t care,” when asked. 

So make your own wish list if you don’t already have one. It makes it much easier on our loved ones who would appreciate some useful gift ideas for the next gift giving occasion.

While you are at it, go ahead and take the opportunity to purchase something for yourself off that wishlist. Whether it’s a new pair of sunglasses or a fresh pair of sandals for summer, you surely have something you would like to have just for you.  

Many moms put themselves last when it comes to purchasing personal items. Instead you make children, grandchildren, spouses, and others have what they want and move yourself to the bottom of the list. 

shopping for yourself

Change that by agreeing to purchase yourself a cool gift after Mother’s Day each year.

We can band together and make it a whole thing!

Moms deserve to have at least one day off of mom duty, and if I’m being honest, it should happen more than once per year. 

If you don’t want to purchase something tangible from your wishlist, at least make an appointment this week for a facial, massage, or mani-pedi. (Those are some of my favorite gifts to receive, by the way). 

I thought it would be fun to share with you some items on my own personal wish list as well as some items I personally own and recommend.

treat yourself

Can you guess what I might be treating myself to this month for post-Mother’s Day?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

These Diff Bella Black polarized sunnies are in my sunglass rotation.  They are smooth and will stay up on your head and not pull your hair (if you know you know). They are the perfect size for any face in my opinion and I love mine. 

diff bella black

Also, Diff has a BOGO event so you can get two for one. Here are some other styles in my wishlist:

Coffee is my drug. My vice. My get up and go. My daily go-to is a Keurig, but on the weekends I love to use my percolator. Mine is a vintage Fostoria brand. Here is a similar Farberware Percolator. 


Of course, if you are going to brew coffee in a percolator, it is important to purchase quality coffee beans to grind fresh. I have this Cuisinart Burr Grinder and it makes perfect ground coffee. 

burr grinder

I was reminiscing on my trip to Italy this week and still want have a moka pot on my list. Check out some of other coffee related items on my list. 

Pamper yourself

When it comes to taking care of ourselves during the springtime, it is imperative to get those feet in tip-top sandal shape.

Enter: Baby Feet.

This stuff is truly LEGIT! Basically you put your feet in the plastic looking socks for an hour and let the magic happen over the next two weeks. I did it before I went for my first spring pedicure this year. 

baby feet ulta

Other beauty products on my wish list and in my make-up bag:

Treat yourself to the most comfy bra you don’t know you need.

Okay ladies, if there is one thing nobody else can buy for us, it is our bra. I discovered this True & Co Triangle bra before my Italy trip two years ago and since then, I have purchased more.

These feel like butta’ and I can wear it all day comfortably. True & Co has partnered with Amazon recently and there are tons of colors and styles to fit your body. 

true & co bra

I’ve also most recently purchased this True & Co. Lift Triangle adjustable strap. There are other styles as well to fit your “girls.”

True & Co lift triangle bra

Hooray for comfy jumpsuits!

I am so excited that Old Navy has brought back this Breathe line jumpsuit. I was hesitant to order it in a blush color last year. Turns out it was my favorite thing to wear last year and I’ve already put it in regular rotation this spring.

This black one is in my cart – and bonus they have extra 25% off this weekend and several color choices. 

old navy jumpsuit

Here are some other clothing picks on my list: (I’m currently wearing those joggers as I write this post).

Comfy and Cute Shoes

These Birkenstock wedges were a splurge for me this spring, as I’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis and a painful heel spur this past year. They are saving me for days on my feet at work when my regular Birks or my Brooks Ghosts aren’t appropriate. 

In fact, I may have to splurge on another pair for my post-Mother’s Day gift!

birkenstock wedges

Below are some other gift ideas that are speaking to me currently. Some of these I own and recommend and some are still in my wishlist. 

I continue to dream of the black & white checkerboard Vans, but these light pink ones are too cute.

These Soludos sneakers were a splurge last year and they still make me so happy every time I put them on. 

soludos good vibes sneakers

I am very late to the party on the Air Fryer; and my sewing machine is on the blink and I want this Project Runway one to use for my handmade journals. 

Also, I’m so excited that one of my favorite plant guys on Instagram, Hilton Carter, has a new line released at Target! I covet his beautiful plant filled home, especially his propagation wall. 

Celebrate Yourself After Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate women, especially our moms, grandmas, stepmoms, aunts, sisters, and daughters. We should also celebrate ourselves as women.

Use this time to update your own wishlist and include treating yourself to something as an after mother’s day gift to you. 

treat yourself after mothers dayTreat Yourself to a Post Mother’s Day Gift

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