The Eyes Have it with This One

Haley asked me to take Jolene’s 6 month photos back in October. I was very honored and excited to oblige! I’ve known Haley’s family my entire life. Her grandmother was one of the kindest, littlest and strongest ladies. She was also one of the strongest Christian people I’ve ever encountered. Jolene is blessed to come from such good stock!


I mean Jolene cannot help being absolutely stunning….have you seen her mom and dad? Seriously, if there was a prize for most beautiful family, they would definitely be winners.


Jolene is quite a little lady and she is completely surrounded with a huge family that absolutely adores her! Her grandfather sits in the pew behind me at church and he has new photos of Jolene to show off on his phone each and every Sunday morning.  I’ve never seen him smile so big! It’s a wonderful thing to have so much love for a child. (Trust me, as a Grammy, I totally get it!)

IMG_5220ajolene-board2 IMG_5051amorninghaze IMG_5129amorninghaze IMG_5156a

We did their session at Haley’s mom and stepdad’s place – also wonderful people who love this little lady like mad. I must also add that her stepdad, Carlton is as obsessed with coffee as I am so we are great friends and had an awesome cup of joe while Miss Jolene was having a wardrobe change.  Score for me!

Anyway, they have an incredibly beautiful yard and we were lucky enough to have an unusally warm fall day for their session so we took full advantage of our surroundings. Oh, and they also have dogs…another plus in my book, but as with almost every photo session I have, my feet did find the poop. In fact, I stepped in dog poop at this session and cow poop in a later session that day. That’s talent folks!

IMG_4877a IMG_4927a IMG_4954abw

Jolene, Haley and Matt are not only a beautiful family, they are incredibly gracious and sweet. A fun fact about Haley: she has awesome taste in shoes and she can work some heels! Oh and she is totally creeped out by nutcrackers. 😛

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  1. Very good Kim, beautiful….

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