Sweet Audra Rae

This baby girl is the apple of her mom and dad’s eye! I was tickled to take her photos again. She has grown and changed so much since we did her newborn pictures 6 months ago. In a word, Audra Rae is DELIGHTFUL!


We did her 6 month photos at her Great-Grammy’s home and it was apparent that she was quite comfortable there. We were able to capture these images of Audra in a family heirloom cradle that was made by one of her ancestors and was used by her Great-Grammy when she was a little girl. How special that she is able to share this beautiful piece of furniture with her great-grandchildren.

IMG_3957amorninghaze IMG_4051amorninghaze IMG_4116aIMG_4118amorninghaze

What is it about a barn….especially a red barn?  You may notice that if given the opportunity, I will almost always take photos in front of barns. Barns are my jam. I just love them. They truly make awesome backdrops for a photo session. They are simple and forgiving.  This red barn at Mary Ellen’s Grammy’s house is awesome and we had perfect light that day. I absolutely love the series of images we got here.


This is another one of those images that I knew was the money shot right after I clicked the shutter button! It is one of my favorite pictures from ALL of my fall sessions.  Seriously, there is just love beaming from Bryan and Mary Ellen. Thank you for being so precious Miss Audra Rae!

IMG_4277a IMG_4320a  IMG_4334abw

I thought these words were perfect to describe what family means. I don’t think Audra will ever know what not having family or love is. That my friends is truly a blessing!


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