Six Week Goal Challenge

Six Week Goal Challenge for 2021

six week goal challenge

We had such success reaching goals in the final six weeks of 2020 group, the momentum shall continue into 2021. 

Here are a few snippets of the great success stories from the 6 week group that finished 2020 strong: 

“This was so much more effective for me than annual goals. I’m looking forward to your next session, Kim.”
“Loving having this small group of like-minded gals that I can share with!”
“I lost 14 of the 19 pounds I gained from March to November—my goal. …I am bound and determined to make my 19-pound goal by January 17.”

I’m excited several of these ladies have decided to continue on in this next group to move forward with new goals, or to continue to make strides on their larger goals into 2021. 

6 week accountability goal group

The time of year does not matter if we want it bad enough. Am I right? 

People tend to set lofty goals and resolutions at the turn of a new year only to fall off the wagon after a few weeks. Usually because they set the goals without measurable outcomes, accountability, or how to establish habits toward small wins.

Not us! We are going to learn how to set a goal and make it attainable and realistic so we can make progress each day and each week. 

Only you can make the changes and form the new habits to reach your goal, but I can provide some tools to help you get there; and our exclusive group of women can bring new ideas, encouragement, and accountability to achieve it. 

I have discussed several times on the blog and in my Facebook Group about how I set quarterly goals.

Here is a link to the post for the full scoop: 


Goal setting in six weeks 2021

Let’s Focus and Achieve ONE Goal in SIX Weeks. 

It can be daunting to think about 10 measurable goals and stick with them through a quarter of the year. So let’s focus our energy on the most important goal to you right now.

This will allow you time to form new habits (or break bad ones) and learn the process of setting measurable goals and breaking them down into daily tasks to make progress.

Once we learn this process and become more comfortable, setting those larger, multiple goals over a longer period of time will be easy peasy! 

One Goal in Six Weeks

Are you ready to go ALL IN on a goal over the next 6 weeks?

This mastermind style group will be limited to 8-10 women and will meet virtually at least one time per week (time TBD once formed).

You will added to a private Facebook group with coaching and information from me to get you started on the work of narrowing down your goal and making it measurable. Each week, we will check in and learn new ways to form habits, measure our success, and be accountable. 

This will be an opportunity for you to work together with other like-minded women who want to improve an area of their lives as much as you do.  

Let’s do deeper to achieve a goal and get this year started in a positive way!

We will begin working this week and our first session together will be next weekend, so get in now!

You can sign up here:


Success Goal Challenge in 6 weeksLet’s Achieve our Goal in the Next Six Weeks

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