Masks Have Changed Our World

Masks Have Changed Our World

masks have changed our world

In my last blog post I talked about masks as fashion. If we need to wear them, they need to at least feel as stylish and comfortable as possible, right? Masks have changed our world completely and this post will look at how these little pieces of fabric or paper have completely altered how we function.  

Taking off our Masks are the New Taking off our Bra

Masks are the new taking off the bra

Men, if you are reading this, you now know how it feels for us women when we tear off our bras as soon as we get home. 

It is the best feeling to snatch off that mask when we get outside or into our car at the end of the day. I even put together a Instagram Reel about it a few weeks ago. 

Masks are the New Cigarette Butts

masks are the new trash changing our world

It is frustrating me to see all the masks thrown out on the ground. I know for some people masks are pretty controversial and there are a lot of people who refuse to wear them or wear them with resentment, but throwing them out on the ground is not going to solve anything. 

Of course, these are probably the same people who toss their trash out the car window driving down the road and they don’t really think about or care about the person who has to pick up their garbage. 

Not going to change this behavior regardless, so I’ll move on….but it is just irritating!

Masks Hide our Smile (and lipstick!)

mask have changed our face

As Buddy the Elf says, “smiling is my favorite“!! Smiling is also my favorite, as is lipstick. Not being able to see someone smile or their full expression has made it difficult to communicate non-verbally. 

Luckily we can ‘SMIZE’. This is smiling with our eyes. Unfortunately, all that exaggerated smiling to see the smile in our eyes, is causing more crows feet around our eyes!

Double up on the eye cream friends. 

Masks are Wreaking Havoc on Our Ears too

masks and our ears

Let’s talk about all the things on our ears for a second. Not only are we wearing glasses, earrings, perhaps earbuds or headphones, we are now looping masks around our ears. 

This doesn’t take into account those of us who push our hair behind our ears as well; or those who have to wear a hearing aid. 

Masks are Making it Difficult to See and Hear People

First, let’s talk about seeing through the fogged up glasses. Navigating putting on the mask just right under the bridge of your glasses is a whole thing now. 

But also, I never realized how much I depend on reading people’s lips when they talk. I know I am not alone on this. I have realized how difficult it is to have a conversation with someone when we have our our masks. 

I suppose I can spin this idea and think that it has made me a better listener because I truly have to concentrate to hear when someone is saying in conversation. It is challenging to communicate when half of our faces are covered. 

masks have changed our faces

Masks Have Changed Our World

One more thing 2020 has changed in our society. Let’s hope for a better 2021 where we can once again be safely maskless. 


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