Masks are the New Fashion Accessory

Face Masks are the New Fashion Accessory.

Masks are the new fashion accessory

Regardless of how you feel about wearing them, face masks have become part of our lives.

I’ve had several discussions lately about masks. I’ve also cursed them. I’ve admired them. It’s become a 2020 love-hate fashion accessory.

I thought, why not just talk about them in all the ways and see how others feel.

So for me, masks were an immediate accessory. I remember during the beginning of the pandemic, EVERYONE was making face masks. There were Facebook groups dedicated to making them, sharing patterns, donating to medical facilities due to shortages, and giving them to friends and family. 

Homemade cloth face masks

This is how I got my first mask. My friend gave me a handmade one (which was actually one of my favorites for several weeks). This mask had been made by another mutual friend who had put in the metal piece to help it hold on the bridge of your nose.

We have now come to know that when one wears glasses, these seem to work better and to rest your glasses on top of that mask to keep it from fogging.

Cloth Masks are the new accessory

Masks are Now Everywhere 

As a women in her first summer with menopause, I decided to find the most cool, breathable masks I could find. Since handmade masks seem to be the only cloth masks available, I turned to my favorite handmade marketplace: Etsy! I searched and searched and found some to try in a cotton knit. Here is a link to the ones I love (and pictured above) from the ppeppiboutique.

My thinking was, it would be like wearing a tee shirt. I purchased extra for my family and we love them. I have gone back to that same shop and ordered more masks. They are some of my favorites.

Now that retailers everywhere are mass producing and selling masks, I have quite a collection and they have become a fashion accessory. As the experts tell us to not wear the same mask from day-to-day for obvious reasons, masks are now part of our laundry cycle and we need them to have a place to be available in our homes now.

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I launder my masks using a mesh lingerie laundry bag. Then I hang them to dry. As most people have probably found, masks will shrink and the fit is very important.

Masks are the Necessary Accessory

How We Handle our Masks Through the Day is Important

Having to wear a mask daily at work, and having to take it off and put it on so much, we have also learned we need to keep our mask as sanitary as possible. That means, we don’t want to take it off and lay it on a counter or desk. Before I started wearing a lanyard for my mask, or if I forget to grab one, I have been very careful about handling my mask through the day.

I try to take it off using the ear loop then folding it in half with the part touching my face inside, then folding it again and holding onto it or putting it on a clean surface or in my pocket.

Also, I am also very guilty of leaving it hanging on my ear on one side. It has become a whole look!

Masks Have Their Own Accessory

Mask lanyards or necklaces are now part of my daily life and have made it easier to deal with the mask throughout my day. I know it is with me. I turned to Amazon to purchase something inexpensive to try this out, then I received a promotional lanyard with alligator clips which is handy. I have now purchased one that is a little more fashionable in my opinion and after trying it out this past week, I will be ordering more of them.

It is super lightweight plastic and it lays nicely around my neck. Here is a link to the one I purchased and love so far.

Tortoise shell mask chain

I don’t like having to make masks part of my life, but as long as we are wearing them to protect others and ourselves, I want to make the best of them and try to embrace them as part of my everyday fashion accessory.

Masks Are the New Statement Piece

Masks Are the New Fashion Accessory

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