Independence Day Part I

What a fabulous weekend we had around these parts! Seriously, I wish I could rewind and replay it over and over again. We lead a simple life in a simple place and being with family and friends during the holiday doing nothing fancy or extravagant is perfectly okay with me.

The weather was perfection.  (I mean, seriously, I had to put on a light sweater on JULY FOURTH PEOPLE!)

The food was fantastic. (Grilled burgers and dogs, fresh fruit and veggies, typical summertime fare)

The company was great. (The grandbabies.  UMMMM…..was there anyone else there???)

I started the holiday weekend bright and early picking fresh blueberries with my daughter-in-law.  Then a trip to my youngest, Alex’s, for a dip in her pool with my middle, Brooke, Rob & River. After a quick nap, we headed to Salem for the Hall Rodeo and Salem Chamber‘s fireworks display. It was really awesome once again….kudos to the organizers of that event! Got to visit with lots of folks, many whom I have not seen in a while.


River got to experience his first calf scramble. Although his momma was a little nervous, Uncle Cody took great care of him.  I love all the kiddos’ faces in these pictures….so intense! I remember how exciting it was to be in the calf scramble as a kid. I worked so hard to try to capture the elusive ribbon from the tail of those calves, but alas, it never happened for me. (I know, cue the violins, right?)

{I did win a greased pig contest one time in Nebraska. However, that’s another story for another day!}

IMG_1514aIMG_1506aIMG_1507aIMG_1505aIMG_1504aIMG_1516aIMG_1525aIMG_1529a Carlee was in fine form as always! She missed her age group calf scramble, but went in with the older kids. It didn’t go as planned though. She had her first rodeo injury on July 4, 2014. She has the marks to prove it too! She is a real tough cowgirl y’all. I have no doubt she’ll be back in the arena soon!!IMG_1523a

Stay tuned for Part II!

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