Ideas to Alter Tim Holtz Paper Dolls

tim holtz altered paper dollsIdeas to Alter Tim Holtz Paper Dolls

These 18 Ideas to alter Tim Holtz Paper Dolls will provide inspiration to take Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Paper Dolls to another level for creative projects.

Tim Holtz Idea-Ologoy Paper Dolls come in several variety packs from single dolls to multiples. Each pack is full of possibilities for paper crafting, but as with any creative, we strive to take it to another level. 

Paper dolls are a good basic that can be altered in a variety of ways. I put together a YouTube video demonstrating each method described. Check it out here:

Tim Holtz Idea-Ology has several packs of paper and metal ephemera to use in creative projects. Paper dolls are just one of them. Paper dolls also come in packs for Halloween, Christmas, or portraits. There is truly something for any type of craft or art project.

Although these paper dolls are great to use as is, they are even more fun to alter and customize for a specific creative style. 

Here are 18 ways to alter Tim Holtz paper dolls

altered paper dolls

  1. Use Posca Paint Pens to add color. Posca pens are perfect for this and add a vividly bright color. These are fun to add exaggerated details such as crazy accessories or make-up.
  2. Cut pieces of scrapbook paper or other patterned paper to add accents and details. Glue with permanent glue stick such as Scotch Create
  3. Add clothing details with vintage pieces of lace and trimmings. Fabri-tac or other fabric glue makes attaching these simple. Glitter and glue can make a great pair of fancy shoes.
  4. Use other fabric scraps with Fabri-tac and don’t forget to add a hat or fascinator! Fabric can be extended for lengthening the size of the paper doll. 
  5. Sequins can be added as bling to the paper dolls. Tacky glue will hold these in place and it dries clear.
  6. Collage scraps of paper or fodder with matte medium or mod podge
  7. Collage can also be used with patterned or painted tissue paper. This metallic foil printed tissue is beautiful for tissue collage!
  8. Use stencils and acrylic paint to add patterns. A white or black gel pen is great way to add accents over the paint once it is dry. I love this pack with white, silver, and gold Uniball Signo. 
  9. Use a sanding block or nail file to distress the paper dolls. Sanding takes off the finish and gives the dolls a matte, vintage look. Be sure to vary the direction of sanding. 
  10. Once sanded, use an ink pad to ink the edges. Tim Holtz Distress Inks are perfect for this along with Ranger Ink Daubers/Blending Tool.
  11. Sanding allows watercolor to penetrate the substrate. Watercolors can be blended giving a vintage look to the paper doll. 
  12. Use scrapbook or paper embellishments for decoration, such as small paper or artificial flowers to the paper dolls. 
  13. Decorative paper brads are easy to attach and these
  14. Add found words or phrases from book pages for a fun way to add interest to these paper dolls. Tim Holtz also makes word stickers that can be used in lieu of finding your own. .
  15. Piercing the paper with a pattern and add stitches using embroidery floss or other thread is a great way to alter paper dolls. Sewing skills are not required!  Thread can be kept in place by using glue along the stitches on the back of the doll. 
  16. Use washi tape in coordinating colors or patterns to add decoration to the paper dolls. I love this pack with a variety of black and white graphics.
  17. Pull out the sewing machine and sew a paper doll onto a scrap pattern or painted paper. 
  18. Sew a paper doll onto a piece of fabric. This is a simple piece of muslin and after cutting around it the fabric was frayed. Use a bit of double-sided tape or glue to hold the paper doll in place while sewing. 

paper dolls pile

More Ideas to Alter Paper Dolls

These ideas are just scratching the surface of what can be done with Tim Holtz Paper Dolls. Try combining some of these ideas together to make even more unique altered paper dolls to use in creative projects. 

paper doll pin


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