Hello New Month of Change

No way is it already August! I mean, seriously, the summer of 2014 has flown by and August is always depressing to me for some reason. It’s a month of change. Don’t get me wrong, I love the crisp air and golden colors of fall and the joy of the Christmas season, but spring and summer are my BFFs and it’s always hard for me to let them go.IMG_0885aWith the new month and transition to a new season, it has me thinking about change and how hard change can be; but how awesome change can be too. I think change is harder when it’s beyond our control. Sometimes I feel like God is playing a chess game with us. We don’t see the bigger picture and we don’t know where the best move is for us to get to the place in our life where we are winning. I am not a chess player so I am glad He knows the best moves to get me to that place! It’s not always easy and we encounter people or situations that quite frankly suck, but then He picks us up and moves us to a space that makes sense. I love when that happens!IMG_0886aI feel like this summer has been a pretty dang good to me, but that doesn’t mean there have not been situations that were not golden. Some of my dearest friends have moved away. I have put on a few extra pounds. I don’t feel like I have not gotten to spend enough time with my grandbabies. I have not soaked up the sun as much as I would have liked.  Nonetheless, I have enjoyed this cooler summer, I feel like have laughed and smiled a lot and basically I just feel blessed and thankful.

changeSo, before I go any deeper and before you think, “Kim has totally lost it!” let me conclude this rambling mumbo jumbo by saying I am going to strive to NOT be melancholy as August hits me square in my face. I’m going to look at change with a fresh perspective and know God is moving me to better spaces. Making me a better person. Allowing new things to happen in my life for the good.

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