Habit Tracking to Achieve Goals

goal tracking in journalHabit tracking is essential to achieving goals

Habit tracking is a tool that keeps you accountable and gives you a way to assess daily progress. If you have never tracked your goals, this will be life changing toward your success, especially around establishing healthy habits. 

It is a good time to think about habits and new goals. Keeping a habit tracker can work positively to reach those goals with daily accountability.

monthly habit tracker

3 Reasons to Use Habit Trackers

If you are new to habit tracking, it may seem like a lot of extra work, but I have found it is an essential part of establishing good habits to help goal achievement. 

There are 3 reasons to incorporate habit trackers into goal setting to help achieve success. 

  1. It is visually motivating to see your progress. When you mark off consecutive days, it makes you want to keep going so that visual representation will continue.
  2. It provides daily accountability to continue taking steps toward achieving your goals. If you are a person who is internally driven, this is especially useful. If you need accountability from an external source, this is a great tool to use with an accountability partner or in group accountability.
  3. Habit trackers provide a quick assessment of how you are doing on your way toward a goal. 

Whether you use a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly trackers, at the end of that time frame you will see your progress – or lack of progress.  Therefore, it will provide motivation to continue on that same goal, or perhaps tweak your goal to make it work for you. 

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How to Create a Habit Tracker

Now that we have established the importance of a habit tracker to achieving a goal, let’s talk about the different ways to create a habit tracker.

Stick around and I will give you some free downloadable habit trackers for you to print off as many times as you need them. 

Are you already a bullet journaler? If so, you can create a simple habit tracker in your bullet journal in an endless array of formats. I am always amazed at the creative ways people make habit trackers.  

Search Pinterest for more inspiration. While you are there, please follow The Happy Kim blog’s Pinterest page. 

weekly trackerHabit Tracker Variety

I have personally tried various ways and recently switched to a monthly habit tracker from my weekly version of the past. 

Creating the monthly tracker takes less time throughout the month and provides a better snapshot as I track longer term goals. However, weekly trackers are more convenient because they are visually on the weekly spread and serve as daily reminders.

My trackers are pretty simple and straightforward and you can see in the sample photos within this post, I don’t tend to get super fancy with mine. Because I use a Leuchtturm1917 dot grid bullet journal, it is easy to draw out my grid for the week/month. 

The timeframe is completely personal. I have even seen people track one habit for an entire year!

Goal Trackers

Download Your Free Habit Trackers

Not a bullet journaler or simply don’t want to take the time to create a habit tracker from scratch? No worries, I have taken care of this for you in a couple of versions and sizes. 

Feel free to download and print these off and stick them on your refrigerator door, by your desk, bedside table, or clip it in your personal planner or journal. Some place you will see it each day as a reminder. 

You can even grab some tracking apps if that is your jam. I have been using Water Llama to track my water consumption throughout the day. I love filling up my llama each day and I have it set to send me hourly reminders so I remember to drink enough water each day. 

Regardless of the format you choose to track your daily habits, you will achieve your goals by focusing on those daily check marks of progress using habit trackers. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you use the links, but it won’t increase the price for you. Thanks for your supporting my website! 

habit trackers for goal settingHabit Tracking is Key to Successful Goal Getting


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  1. I agree that seeing my progress on paper will motivate me to continue-thank you for a great idea!

  2. I totally agree with you on the subject of tracking our goals. Personally, when it is written down, it gets done. Otherwise, things just get lost in the shuffle!


  3. I have never heard of tracking habits but I totally agree with the concept!
    Great post!

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