Goal Setting in the Final Quarter of 2020

 Goal Setting Toward a Successful 2020

Goal Setting for the final quarter

It’s finally here! The final quarter of this crazy year we call 2020. Although we will  probably will use ‘2020’ as a curse word for the rest of our lives, let’s set some goals and make it successful.

It is time to set ourselves up for success and end this treacherous year on a high note.

Are you with me?  Good.

If you have not done so, I encourage you to grab my Goal Getters Guide and print it for reference.

Goal Getter Guide to Plan the Next 90 Days



So why do we want to plan our goals for the final quarter? 

Because we all know how the holidays sneak up on us and we want to make sure we are prepared with a solid plan of action.

Whether your priority is financial, family time, personal development, or fitness; if you can establish the priority and plan accordingly, you will be able to reverse engineer your way into reaching the little goals you set for yourself each day. 

Trust me, it will be much easier and must less stressful to have a handle on what you need to do to accomplish all the things and keep you on track so when life gets hectic (and we all know it will).

You will be able to have a clear roadmap to navigate your way through it and look like a total boss babe when you reach late December and you have it altogether.

Overview of Goal Setting for the Final Quarter of 2020

  1. Go through the exercise to find your current key and intrinsic life priority from the following areas:
    • Physical Health
    • Mental Well Being
    • Environment
    • Hobbies/Restorative
    • Romance/Love
    • Friends/Family
    • Finances
    • Purpose/Career
    • Spirituality
    • Personal Growth 
  2. Choose your key priority and answer the following:
    • I have chosen this area of my life as my key priority because-
    • I will honor my key priority by vowing to do my best to always-
    • The following action(s) would be inconsistent with my commitment to my key priority-
    • To honor my key priority I will limit-
    • To live my life according to my key priority I need to make the following changes-
  3. Put these five statements into one paragraph Priority Clarity Statement. 
  4. Set 10 goals based around the lowest scoring areas as well as your key priority area. Be sure they are measurable and attainable.
  5. Now select one goal, your IMPACT GOAL that will make the most impact to move the needle on the other goals to make them more attainable.
  6. Take that IMPACT GOAL and break it down. Write out in detail the steps to reach this goal along with the timeline (make sure it is within the 90 days).
  7. Do the same with your other goals.
  8. Finally, write out your IMPACT GOAL and three small things you will do tomorrow to begin moving the needle in your planner, calendar, or journal. Make sure you look at this multiple times a day. 
  9. Do this each day for the next 90 days until you begin marking off those goals as successes. 

We can do this friends. Every goal is attainable. If it is worth having it is worth the work to get there. 

I am happy to serve as your accountability partner. Please comment below, email me or send me a DM on social and I will check on you and your goals. 

Let’s end 2020 on a high note together! 

Goal Setting Guide to Help you Complete 2020 with Success

Goal Setting for Success in the Next 90 days

Download your free guide and get to work this week on your final 2020 4th quarter goals. 

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