Five Things 2020 Taught Us

Five Things 2020 Taught Us

Things 2020 taught us  After a couple of weeks into the new year, I have taken some time to reflect on 2020 and five things I learned. 

Besides mask fashion, how far six feet really is, and how many times in a day one can wash their hands and re-apply lotion; there have been some other new realities that I hope we can remember once we whip this virus and get back to some semblance of normal!

DISCLAIMER: Please know this in no way takes away from the terrible sadness of lost loved ones or sickness that has been endured by so many. The dark side of 2020 is not lost on me and I know the reality of COVID-19 is still very much a part of 2021 moving forward.

The pandemic completely up-ended our lives. Some more than others. If you are a healthcare worker, I want to thank you for continuing to endure and fight for the lives of others. 

2020 Taught Us Many Things

2020 taught me several things

The year of 2020 started off strange for me when the news of needing a hysterectomy hit in January. My staying at home began before March, but when mid-March hit and staying home became a reality for the majority, many ideas and concepts that we never thought possible became the new normal. 

People had to adjust to working from home. Some with a partner; some with children learning in a new virtual environment.  The shift that took place seems so surreal looking back. It was hard, but it happened and along with it new ways of life. We were forced to slow down and spend time alone or with our immediate families. 

Five Things 2020 Taught Us

Smizing was taught in 2020

The 5 things 2020 taught us:

  1. Self Care isn’t selfish. We’ve been using that catch phrase for a long time, but last year self-care became a necessity to keep our sanity while in isolation. Whether it was a long walk outside to breathe fresh air or learning how to do a gel manicure at home, self-care in 2020 looked different. Hopefully, the importance of self-care for mental health will continue moving forward.
  2. Athleisure wear is truly the best category of clothing. Who even knows what size pants they wear anymore? Leggings and cute jogger sets are life! Have a Zoom meeting? Throw on a cute top and nobody is the wiser on how comfy your pajama pants and slippers are. Work from home clothing became the new mullet: business on top, comfy party on bottom! 
  3. SMIZING! As a former photographer, smizing has always been a part of my vocabulary. My high school photography teacher taught me the concept of “smiling with your eyes.” As people started getting back out into the world later in 2020,  it become evident how much non-verbal communication we miss with our mouths covered. Smiling with our eyes, or smizing is an expression we all learned to convey. 
  4. Hugs are precious and needed. I realize many people were not huggers pre-2020 and enjoy the fact that people can’t enter their 6-foot bubble, but for those of us who are huggers, 2020 was tough. We need those hugs. Human touch is proven to relieve stress, help boost immunity, and aid in regulating our heart rate. I will never take hugs for granted and on the rare occasion that I am able to share a hug now, I savor it. 
  5. We all need a slow down. Prior to my own health issue in early 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, slowing down seemed like a far away idea for most of us. In reflection, it is necessary. As a person of faith, I believe we were provided an opportunity to learn to slow down.

What 2020 Taught Me

2020 taught us five things

I’ve tried to find the positives in the pandemic we are living. I choose to believe part of the experience is the gift of slowing down and taking time to be present with ourselves and our families. 

The year we just endured has brought so much sadness, so much division, and so much hate; but it has also brought about new ways of thinking and new ways of viewing life. 2020 has taught us good and bad. I hope we can move these five things into 2021 and beyond. 

Five Things 2020 Taught us

2020 taught us while staying home

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