Feel Good Blogging Challenge – Day 4/7 #randomfacts

Day 4: A Personal Post or what I like to call #randomfacts

So today, I am supposed to post 10 personal things about myself that others may not know. Wellllll, that in itself could be quite a challenge, because I’m pretty much an open book and probably give TMI most of the time!

So here goes…

  1. I may say I wish I didn’t have to work, but deep down I’m a workaholic and have a hard time with nothing to do.
  2. I am a Chi Omega and a Rotarian.
  3. As a child, I had a huge crush on Donny Osmond, Mac Davis and John Travolta
  4. I never did the ice bucket challenge
  5. I have a tattoo and would like to have more.
  6. I don’t really like to read books, but I do like books with will buy them if I like the way they look.
  7. I don’t have a passport and I’ve never been out of the United States.
  8. My favorite place is the beach and I think I could live there.
  9. My worst habit is chewing and picking at my cuticles. EW
  10. Being a Grammy is the best thing ever! (Oh, I know, I know, that is definitely not a secret, but it’s one of the favorite things about me) 🙂

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