Family Love on the River Market


It’s always fun to photograph an adorable family, but it’s even sweeter when it’s your own adorable family!  A couple of weekends ago, I went to Little Rock to have a little Grammy+River time so Brooke & Rob could have a date night.  We also did some updated photos for them while I was there.


It is always fun to photograph in a new environment and the River Market and River front area did not disappoint.


The majority of my sessions take place in the country – the woods or a field, but I enjoy taking photos in an urban environment at times. Instead of fighting the ticks and chiggers, I was trying to keep from getting run over while shooting in the middle of the street! It’s really not that different. 🙂


We found a delightful little area in the park where the leaves had fallen off the trees in a way reminiscent of fall. I suppose they were actually falling because they were dying from a long dry spell. Nonetheless, we took advantage of the beautiful green, lush grass and the fall-like look of the trees. It was almost surreal looking.


River (and mom and dad) had a ball playing the leaves. I have a feeling there will be more leaf playing this fall!


I think this photo is so sweet and just sums up the love and connection these three share.

Okay, maybe it’s just the fact that Brooke is holding a fruit snack and River knows it, but still, it’s cute, right!?!?!


We were all pretty worn out and cranky by the time we finished our trek, but I saw so many more spots I would love to shoot. Hopefully, we can have a River Market 2.0 photo session in the near future.


There is just something  so cool about all the colors and textures the city has to offer.


This weekend was the first time I could really distinguish River calling me Grammy.  Mind you it came out “free-free” instead of grammy, but I’ll take it, man! Seriously though, he can call me whatever he wants and I’ll come running. This kid is such a cutie! I hope I get to photograph him for many many years to come.


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