Create a Simple Morning Routine

5 Ways to Create a Simple Morning Routine

Simple Morning Routine

I have learned how to create a simple morning routine for myself.

Here’s the thing, I am totally not a morning person! 

I have shared this before but it bears repeating: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. 

However, creating a simple morning routine with these 5 tips is one way to trick the  brain into making mornings better.

I have had to train myself to get up early in order to do life, have a traditional 8-5 job, and function. You know, necessary things. 

So how can you create a simple morning routine?

5 Ways to Create a Simple Morning Routine:

  1. Stretch – Before I ever get out of bed, I do a little ‘bed yoga’ to stretch and get my muscles going. 
  2. Make my bed – it seems so simple to me but there may be people who haven’t figured out this trick to make the day better. It works. (Also, here are some links to fun pillows like mine to add to your bed to bring a smile),  Check my Amazon Shop for more happy bedding ideas!
  3. Read – I have a few morning emails that I read including some devotionals, scriptures, and a bit of morning news on through a podcast (The news is not the best way to start, so I limit my news intake. I don’t watch news, but it helps me stay current.) 
  4. Journal – I write in a little Cafe Note journal using a technique I learned called Morning Pages. It’s a very free-writing method and is different every day for me. More recently I have started journaling in my Composition Notebook Art Journal. 
  5. Meditate/pray – It is effective for your mood, spirit, and your brain. 

Creating a Morning Routine Checklist in my bullet journal was one way I created this simple morning routine and turned it into a habit that is now second nature for me.

Have a morning routine has helped make me start the day much happier. I actually look forward to making my bed and stretching my body first thing in the morning.

Creating a Simple Morning Routine may look different for you. 

For example, notice I didn’t have exercise listed? I am not a morning exerciser. If I was a natural early morning person with more time, I believe I would add this in, but for me, exercise in the evening is what works. 

Also, I am typically not a breakfast eater. However, creating a simple breakfast routine would be a great addition to this simple morning routine list. 

Make your own morning routine work for you, but definitely add 3-5 simple habits to your morning, and try a checklist to help make it routine. 

Add a good quality vitamin to your morning routine like Ritual. I have recently started their vitamin for women over 50. 


One simple morning idea that I did not list is coffee, because coffee is a given! 

simple morning routine

5 Ways to Create a Simple Morning Routine.

morning routine stretch

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