Country Girls and County Fairs

Most of the time I love living in a small community, but I do admit there are times that it would be great to live in a larger place again. I do miss the conveniences and opportunities of an urban area, but dang it, you just cannot beat the county fair!


Ironically, I took Dakota’s senior photos a few weeks before our local county fair. I think I’ve pretty much known Dakota her whole life. She is quite a cattle showman and has definitely had her “fair” share of  county fair livestock shows! Her breed of choice is Brangus (a breed that is a mix of Angus and Brahman cattle for those bovine buffs).


Her family raises cattle and leads a true country farm life on Williams Farm. Most weekends in summer, they can be found hauling hay together. Definitely not the most glamorous way to spend time together as a family, but I can guarantee they have shared lots of good memories in the hay field!


Dakota was adorable during her session! Her smile lit up every shot and we just had a blast the entire time! Thankfully, big sis, Murphy was there to help along with one of her friends, who bless his heart, got totally wrecked helping with Cinch, her Brangus bull!


We took a trip to Big Creek to end our session and seriously, I am surprised one of us did not end up completely in the river! She was such a great sport and just sat right down in the middle of the river on cue. I love me a good non-diva, country girl who is willing to just go with the flow!


Sadly, I didn’t get to see Dakota at the fair this week, but she was doing bigger things instead. She was at the National Brangus show being awesome and winning there!  She is also the reigning AJBBA (Arkansas Junior Brangus Breeding Association Queen.)


I love Dakota’s sweet spirit and spunk! However, I CAN NOT believe she is going to be a senior this year.  I feel like she should still be a little kid running around the show barn and the ball park. I look forward to seeing what her her future will hold. She has a solid family foundation and great country girl values.


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