Bullet Journal March Monthly Spread

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread for March

I always look forward to a new month in my bullet journal because the monthly spreads are my favorites to create. I thought it was time to break down the process to create my monthly spread for March in my bullet journal with a tutorial.

People always ask me about bullet journaling and why I like using a bullet journal – or BuJo, over a traditional planner or calendar. The main reason is because it gives me the flexibility to make my planner work for my personal needs and I’m not boxed in to pre-made pages.

However, I do realize it can be overwhelming to look at a book of blank pages and not know exactly how to use them.

It started like that for me too. That is why I always recommend going back to the original bullet journal method by Ryder Carroll and starting with a basic bullet journal setup.

The OG Ryder Carroll monthly bullet journal page is a simple numbered list. Below  was my first March monthly spread in 2016. It worked, but it wasn’t fulfilling my overall needs for my monthly overview. I wanted something more.

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original bullet journal monthly set up

The Process for Making the Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Once I used the basic method for several months, I realized my visual brain needed to “see” the month in a calendar layout, so I began figuring out how to make a monthly spread using the dot grid in a typical bullet journal. My March monthly spreads for the past few years area included in this post. 

Counting the dots in my journal vertically and horizontally, I did the simple math to determine how the layout would work. In my Leuchtruum1917 dot grid bullet journal there are 39 dots vertically and 27 dots horizontally.  I discovered that I could make my monthly calendars fit on a two page spread by sectioning off each day using a 6×6 square. 

By counting every sixth dot in both directions. My calendar has four days across the left hand page and 3 across the right. 

Each month, I begin on the bottom, left side and count over three dots and up one to start my calendar grid. Then I mark each sixth dot to the right side of the page; and up the page to make four rows across to the middle (gutter) of the book. I also add an extra line to the top of the grid to write in my days of the week along the top of my monthly calendar. 

This leaves ample space across the top of the two page spread for my month name and down the right hand side for my tasks/goals for the month. 

Supplies for Monthly Spread Tutorial

supplies for monthly bullet journal spread

Once the grid is marked off with pencil, it’s time to grab a waterproof, permanent pen and draw out the grid. I have been using Sakura Micron pens for several years and love them for this task. I typically use the .05 for drawing my grid.

I have recently purchased Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens based on reviews I’ve read and I must say, the ‘S’ (superfine) in this set may be my new favorite to make my grids!

Both pens are great and fast drying, which is key for me and my awkward hands that always drag through my work, which is evident if one looks too closely at my bullet journals!

My Micron pens have lasted several years without drying out. As long as your pen doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the page and is waterproof so it won’t smear, use what you have. However, if you want a nice, thin, very black pen, I would recommend grabbing one of these sets to use for bullet journaling. 

I have a 12″ metal ruler that I keep with my bujo supplies to use for drawing out my monthly grids and trackers; however, any straight edge will do for this.

Recently I discovered that I like the look of having my lines a little less rigid, so I am practicing drawing these free hand. See the difference in the two grids below. (Also, if you are an “eagle-eye” you will see my mess up.)

The key to this is dragging the line straight toward you. I still need practice, but it’s a fun challenge for myself.

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal GridUsing Watercolor in a BuJo Monthly Spread

Because I love watercolor, I have incorporated it into my monthly spread. I typically do a time-lapse video each month that I share on my Instagram stories. My followers seem to look forward to it! I must say, I must say I also enjoy watching creative processes in a time-lapse. 

For my lettering, I use a Tim Holtz water brush. I have other water brushes, but this is the only one I use for my bullet journal. I have linked this one to Amazon as Blick Art Materials does not carry it. 

finetec metallic watercolor bullet journal


My new favorite way to get creative on my monthly spread is to use my Finetec metallic watercolors. I.AM.OBSESSED with these! You can see how pigmented and yummy they are in the close-up. I like to go over my regular watercolor with them for a layered look, but they are beautiful on their own.

finetec watercolors

Finetec has changed the packaging from round to rectangle pans since I purchased mine, but any of the gold or silver metallics are amazing quality. I did find this set on Amazon which is similar to what is pictured.  The Moon Gold and Rose Gold in the linked set are my favorites. I have them in another set.  

March Monthly Spread TabsIncorporating Washi Tape in Monthly Spreads

I started using washi tape to make tabs in my bullet journal a few years ago and it was life changing for me to go back to past months.

On the left hand side of the page and calendar, I add a small tab and a vertical line of washi. I typically add my tabs staggered down the page so it is easy to flip through and find a past month.

Notice I reuse themes and supplies from year to year. Apparently, this chevron green washi tape is the go to for my March monthly spread in all of my bullet journals, as is using all the green. Hello St. Patrick’s Day! 

I like having a seasonal/holiday theme. I think it adds some fun and whimsy to my bullet journals but some months I try to challenge myself to mix it up and use a variety of colors.

Another material I incorporate is journal stickers from a variety of sources but Happy Planner are my favorites. They also last through several years for me. This particular seasonal pack has lasted for 3+ years. (You can also find these at your local Hobby Lobby or I have them linked for you to Michael’s)

I recently purchased this variety pack journal sticker book from American Crafts (a brand that was a favorite go to in my scrapbooking days).

How I Utilize the Monthly Spread in my BuJo

My monthly spread is my go to for a visual way to see a month-at-a-glance and to have an overview of the high level view of what is going on for the month. 

It is a place to keep holidays, birthdays, events, meetings, and appointments. I also keep my general to do list for the month and larger goals I want to accomplish personally and for work; along with a quote and any notes I need to keep. 

My monthly spread is also a place where I get creative with color, watercolors, stickers, and washi tape. It has transformed over the years, but for me it works great. My monthly bullet journal spreads are the cornerstone for my bullet journal. 

Making my monthly grid has been life changing in my bullet journal. I can quickly and easily go back and reference a past month. I do not work ahead making my monthly spread, but one could do so by estimating how many pages they would need between months.

Typically, I have a two page spread for each week; and one to four additional spreads for trackers, lists, and goals between months. It is totally customizable for individual needs. Another reason I think bullet journals are such a great way to have a planner/journal/calendar. 

If you are new to bullet journaling, I recommend starting with Ryder Carroll’s original monthly log. However, if you are more visual and creative, you might try this monthly grid spread that I have created. 

march monthly spread ideas bujoMarch Monthly Spreads for a Bullet Journal

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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