Better late than never November!

Yes, yes I know, this blog needs to be dusted and tidied up. It’s been sitting still a little too long. Sorry. You know, life and stuff. blah-blah-blah.

ANNNNNYway, I always have fun with my month-in-review posts so I didn’t want to totally ignore November even though it was not my finest. I was pretty much sick the entire month. UGH.

However, I think there were still some bright spots in November. Let’s go…

Yes, I believe there were several bright spots. Their names are Carlee and River! πŸ™‚

They also included hot tea and meds this month as I tried repeatedly to heal the nasty infection that invaded my body. Β  Obviously food is always a favorite in my month and although my appetite wasn’t the greatest, I can always force Taco Bell down though.

November also included our first snow of the year, Thanksgiving and time with family and friends, Awana and church fun, and work related events.

December is already almost halfway over now, but I already foresee more family, food and frenzy in my next month-in-review.

I will also say that November included some fabulous photo sessions and I have lots of sessions that I have yet to share on the blog. I pinky swear to share those over the next few weeks.

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