Be Your Best Self(ie)

Kim selfie spring 20

We all want to look better in our selfies, right? 

There was a time I loathed being in pictures. This was way before selfies were mainstream with a front facing camera on your mobile device. I mean my confidence level was null and void about how I looked in any photo.

I decided I was going to change that.

Over 10 years ago I decided to start what I called the 52 Week Project. I took a new selfie each week for two years; and each week I would post it on Facebook. 


Because I wanted to feel better about how I looked in front of the camera. It was a practice in patience and learning to embrace my own face!

I also unexpectedly honed my photography skills behind the camera which helped my part time business.   

It took awhile, but I finally built the confidence to not hate how I looked in (most) photos. I still take selfies that are nothing short of cringeworthy from time-to-time. However, I have also learned how to accentuate my own features with a few little tricks and tips with my iPhone camera. 

I want to share some of my best secrets for better iPhone (or other phone) selfies. 

I specify iPhone because some of the features may not be available on your device. I know Android and others also have great photo features, but I have not practiced with them personally.

I am confident if you incorporate a few of these tips you will soon become more confident with your own selfies. Next time someone says, “let’s take a selfie,” you will be poised and ready! Shoot! You might be the one saying it!! 

I would love to hear how these work for you. Shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram and show me your best selfie.

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