Art Journals and Other Handmade Items For Sale

art journals for saleHandmade Art Journals and Other Mixed Media For Sale

I’m happy to share with you that I have started selling a few of my handmade art journals. It’s something I have been thinking about for a while but wasn’t sure how I wanted to sell them.

I had considered Etsy, my own store front, or via social media. Since my art and handmade items are not something that I can mass produce, I didn’t want to set up a storefront. I have sold on Etsy in the past and may still consider setting up a new Etsy at some point, with my mixed media items and extra journal supplies, but for now, I will sell items via an exclusive email list.


Those who are on this list will get the first opportunity to purchase items that drop for sale with a special perk of free shipping.  I did a test run over the weekend and sold two of my handmade art journals in less than an hour from the list. These drops won’t happen often as it does take a lot of time to make my journals, but I did want to leave a sign-up here if you do want to get on this exclusive list to purchase the next items that are available. 

I am hoping to get several done in time for the holidays as these one-of-a-kind art journals would make a great gift! 

It’s quite humbling to sell handmade art and I greatly appreciate the interest and hope each recipient loves them as much as I love making them.  

If you would like to get on this list, please sign up through the blue banner above.  This will be a separate email from my regular email list, so if you already receive my weekly 5Things Happy Mail, you are not automatically on the mailing list for my handmade items for sale. 

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