Art Journal Idea for Beginners

art journal idea for beginnersArt journal Ideas for Beginners

For those who don’t feel they are artistic or creative, feel free to art journal using these ideas for beginners or seasoned journalers. 

This post will provide you a recipe for a fun art journal page that I recently added to my own made art journal.  Perhaps it will provide inspiration to begin an art journal or add a page or two in your journal using the same techniques. 

ideas for art journal pagesInspiration for the idea behind this art journal page started with a motivational quote. 

I have an obsession with quotes, especially motivational, inspirational, sarcastic, and fun quotes. Basically anything that makes me think or laugh! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know this about me. If you don’t follow me, come on over:

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Here is the quote behind this particular art journal spread:

square sunshine quote

Now, I realize if you are a beginner with art journaling, you might need a little more guidance to get going. In order to give you a push, there are other elements that can 

An Art Journal Idea Recipe for use in your own art journal pages:

  • a motivational quote that resonates in your life
  • collaged page
  • magazine image
  • one main color
  • doodles on top of the magazine image
  • scrap of patterned paper

Need some new art supplies? Be sure to visit Blick Art Materials through my affiliate link below. 🙂

See this page in action and journal with me on You Tube:

These elements can provide a never ending supply of inspiration for art journal pages and for any level of creative art journaler from beginners to seasoned artists. If you have never art journaled a day in your life, you can use the recipe to begin today.

Feel free to use the same quote and see how it inspires you. If you do, please leave a comment below and let me know! 

Keep an eye out for more art journal ideas for beginners and recipes to inspire your next art journal page. 

Art Journaling Recipe Ideas for Beginners

art journal idea pin

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