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midlfe women advice new year pinBeautiful Advice From Midlife Women for the New Year 

During this time of year, there is always a variety of advice floating around to get into the new year. From bettering ourselves with diet, habits, money, and more; to predictions for the next 12 months, we all have something to say, especially us midlife women!

The advice below is comprised from a unique source: a Facebook group full of smart, interesting midlife aged women.  These women come from a variety of places and have many years of combined life experience, so they are very qualified to offer sage new year advice. 

The Facebook Group 

Having an online Facebook group, I try to post 3-5 times a week to keep everyone engaged in some way. My small, private group called: GenX Professional Women, is a safe place for middle aged women to network and connect for self-development, professional and personal advice, struggles; as well as a place to share laughs, photos, wins and losses.

One of our favorite activities is making up stories, three words at a time. Sometimes they get outlandish and hilarious and can go on for days. It’s a fun way to collectively and creatively practice the art of storytelling. 

Right before the turn of the new year, one of those stories was started with the words: “In 2022 the…”
This advice was compiled by an amazing group of intelligent women and although I shared this on my own personal Facebook page, I wanted to share it publically for others who might need some practical, beautiful advice for this year.
Here is the GenX Professional Women advice: three words at a time. I hope it serves you in the new year.

New Year Advice: 

In 2022 the world won’t end and the stars will keep shining. The warm sun will beam down and the world will keep revolving and we will with hope that all of our loved-ones will thrive. We will start back to work with enthusiasm for looking at future opportunities that will help other people become the best they can be. We press forward every single day keeping kindness as people have done. Facing head-on new challenges with wisdom, patience and strength. Our hearts will be open listening to wise words from friends to enrich us. Smiling and remembering good times had and, memories made. 2022, be kind.

If this serves you, please feel free to share it, pin it, and if you are in the demographic of GenX/Midlife Professional Women, please feel free to join us. 

Midlife New Year Advice

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