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I love to share good finds with my friends from books to podcasts to funny memes, new music, or just something random I've seen online. It's drama free, but may have an occasional four letter word. Celebrate the brighter side of life with me by signing up for Happy Mail.

Here to Smile, Share, and Serve

Thank you for spending your valuable time here. I hope I can help bring a smile to your world by sharing and serving you with valuable content. This website has been a long time coming since my old blogging + photography days.

If you ever visited my blog or photography website in the past, I welcome you back to a fresh new look. I want to share what makes me #happykim. From my love of ROY G. BIV and all things bright and beautiful, to my yearning to share my experiences and knowledge to help other women find their inner happy; I am here to serve what I can.

I am a coffee addicted, bullet journaling, adventure seeking, wannabe travel blogger, who lives in a cottage and has 5 awesome little people who call me Grammy.

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