15 Fall Art Journaling Prompt Ideas

fall thankful tree art journal15 Fall Art Journaling Prompt Ideas

Get ready to document the season with 15 fall art journaling prompt ideas. Recently there was a fall art journaling challenge with 10 prompts emailed out to participants. I have added 5 bonus prompts and included them in a free downloadable document.

These Fall Art Journaling prompts will provide inspiration for beginners starting an art journal or those who are looking for some creative ideas for your art journal.

Not into art journaling?

There are a multitude of ways to use these prompts for creative fall activities:

  • written journals
  • artist trading cards
  • index cards
  • scrapbooks
  • bullet journals
  • canvases or other decorative artwork 

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These prompts include some favorites from the season with a new twist. Think: abstract pumpkins and fall quotes.
Fall is a special time of year and documenting our thoughts and the beauty around the season will provide a new appreciate to what does make it so special to us. Maybe you have never given it much thought. If so, this will be a great creative exercise to give you a new appreciation of the season. 
The free download also includes photos of some of my personal fall art journals, to provide a little more inspiration. 
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15 Fall Art Journaling Prompts

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